Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today's 1000

In a play on the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" Fistful of Words will post a picture twice a week under the heading Today's 1000.

I've heard of vanity tags, but this seems a bit much.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to Fistful of Words

Without any startup money, existing web-based infrastructure, or connections to leaders within a specific industry, why would anyone start a blog now? I understand some people have an exhibitionist itch to publish unprocessed thoughts for the world to read. And maybe, some people have an opinion that they need to share. However, this Newsweek article about the decline of blogging states that 95% of blogs are “launched and then quickly abandoned.” In fact, some of that decline has been attributed to a shift toward micro-blogging with Twitter and Facebook status updates.

And truthfully, none of that should be surprising. It’s hard, damn hard, to develop an informed opinion about anything, whether the topic is the motivation of LeBron James leaving Cleveland or the potential problems of the Hadron Collider recreating The Big Bang in Geneva, Switzerland. And it’s harder still to craft those opinions into something that people would enjoy reading.

Despite all of that encouraging momentum and in an online climate where professional bloggers are increasing, newspapers are slowly shifting online, and personal bloggers are cutting their word count to 140 characters, we are starting Fistful of Words. Who are we? Briefly, we are six young adults scattered across the country in Denver, New York, Birmingham, and Atlanta. We don’t share a common political viewpoint. We aren’t all friends. We haven’t even all met as a group. Instead, we are six people with a penchant for writing and a desire to share our thoughts on a wide range of interests including green technology, fashion, political commentary, children’s literature and even, to quote, “simple life experiences that reveal greater truths about the human condition.” Expressing those thoughts may take the form of commentary, review, flash fiction, monologue, or even an occasional rant.

I cannot fathom who our audience will be. I am the same person that shows up at concerts in jeans, a polo shirt, and a well-defined hair part and wonders why the rest of the crowd has tight jeans, v-neck t-shirts, and poorly groomed facial hair. I cannot promise that every author will appeal to you specifically. I cannot promise that this blog will have the same format a month from now. But I can promise that you will find six unique voices that have developed informed opinions and crafted those opinions into enjoyable reading on a wide range of topics.

We’ll do our best not to fall into that 95%.

Welcome to Fistful of Words and happy reading.